• ER 22-200 VF Series inverter compressors

ER 22-200 VF Series inverter compressors


Energy consumption is the largest of the associate costs to a compressed air installation.

1. How do ER-VF inverter compressors save energy?

Maintaining rotor performance
The energy consumption is proportional to the turn of the motor.

Eliminating the vacuum operation cycles
When a screw compressor works in no load it consumes on average 45% of nominal load power. During a compressor works in no load way, it is wasting energy without any positive contribution.

Maintaining stable pressure
Reducing the pressure in a compressor room is one of the most efficient methods for energy saving. If we reduce by 1 bar the pressure; we achieve a 7% savings of the total consumed power.

2. Precise flow regulation

The inverter adjusts the speed of the electric motor, to adapt the air generated to the flow variations, and maintain with precision the pressure in the line.

when the flow consumption is variable, the energy saving that is obtained, allows amortizing of the extra cost of the VF compressors, before two years of operation.

3. Low start-up intensity

With the inverter the necessary intensity to start-up the compressor is reduced considerably, with the following advantages:

  • Less start-up peaks.
  • Smooth start-up (less mechanical effort).
  • Unlimited start-up possibilities.
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